Victim Feedback

All families should do this. It’s been really valuable for everyone. The process resulted in issues being aired and resolved. He expressed remorse and shame for his offending.

This was a positive and constructive conference including the formulation of safety plans and the steps they can both take in the future, his apology and her forgiveness and the fact that he promised to follow through with the programme of Supervision.

This process helped us so much. So happy and feel safe that we have gone through this process to address our feelings, hurt and recovering from what has happen. Where we had our Hui, was a nice space to be in. It was just awesome for me. I felt really, really safe with how it went. Seeing my nephew and how he had to look me in the eye and tell us how sorry he was. It was very emotional for me, him. For all of us. Thank you again so much for this.

I found the meeting very positive, although a very difficult day, it was a very worthwhile experience for my family. It has helped to talk it over with the others involved and I could see and empathise with their pain. Both of us feel this was a very well organised meeting and you coordinated the meeting so well it actually made it a lot easier. I applaud these types of meetings as an alternative to Courts and Judges only being involved. I think the restorative justice process really did acknowledge our family, but was also respectful to the offender and his family. It was a day that helped me with my grieving process.

I want to say how impressed I am with your RJ process. That you were able to reintegrate his family is a great credit to the facilitator and will no doubt be appreciated by the whanau and the wider community for years to come.

The report on the RJ meeting was an accurate record of what transpired. I came away satisfied with the outcome. It was something as you well know I have been wanting to do for some time now, not just for me but for the offender and I include his family as well. I was very confident that the day would end well for everyone. I bare no ill and I earnestly hope that in time to come he can turn his life around. That will of course be entirely up to the life choices he chooses to make. Many thanks for bringing this process about; it certainly helped me to finally bring this chapter in the process to a close.

Tracy welcomed and explained what was going to happen. Prompted and questioned the flow of korero with mindful diplomacy and careful use of te reo Māori to further enhance mine, if not all of the attendees’ experience and understanding of Tapu, Utu and Muru. Her facilitator skills and perhaps her experienced life skills as a Māori wahine toa have well equipped her for her mahi. Mihi Rangatira Ki a Koe Tracy. You are the perfect Grumpy Aunty. Informative, humorous, stern, direct, challenging, mindful, compassionate, loving and a great love for the people you administer to. Mihi nunui Whaea.

Offender Feedback

Myself and partner have been very positive since and the feel in our home is much more relaxed and easy – it has a whole new vibe.

I found the people that accompanied the restorative justice person wonderful, very understanding and with cultural sensitivity – lovely people.  Their feedback I found to be extremely helpful and didn’t feel like they were judging me.

I was able to apologise to the victim in person so that made me feel better. Generally the meeting went well but was tough for my victim. Thank you.

I want to say thank you for all your support and efforts to help our whanau. The Court outcome was better than expected and we are all amazed and blessed by the outcome that has been provided. For us, this result is not the end, the hard work is not over and in fact it has just begun. There are significant adjustments we as a whanau need to make to ensure better trajectories are achieved.

They treated everyone with equal respect and did not harm anyone in a cultural way.

Because I did what was asked of me I am a new man.  I also have better communication.

The meeting helped me to move on to better my life and repair the heartache I caused towards my wife, kids and family. This also showed me that my son, that I shunned, came to support me and made me proud on that day. I have so much to be grateful for and apologise to everyone for my stupidity. Thank you all for giving me the chance to start on the right track and will never drink again.