Case Studies

Careless Driving Causing Injury

A woman was charged with Careless Driving Causing Injury and the victim and his family attended an RJ Conference. The offender acknowledged that she had made a stupid decision to drive when her licence was suspended and was very apologetic for the hurt and harm she had caused. At the conference the victim offered to help her with her driving skills when she gets her licence back and in turn the offender offered to help with gardening and mowing his lawns. This arrangement continued beyond sentencing.

Other Arson

An offender set fire to her rental property. At the conference the victim expressed empathy with the offender and although there was a large amount of reparation owing they came to an agreement whereby the offender offered to make a korowai in lieu of reparation. The korowai was brought to the Court at sentencing. This case was restorative on a number of levels and acknowledged the respectful and dignified manner in which the victim and offender worked together in order to reach an appropriate resolution for what had been a very difficult and emotional situation for all parties.

Wilful Damage

A very intoxicated young man broke some shop windows whilst walking home by himself. At the conference the victim clearly explained the impact that this offending had not only on himself as the owner of the business but also on the community. The victim was forgiving and wanted a more positive and brighter future for this young man and encouraged him to become actively engaged in their community. He offered to help him to find some meaningful voluntary work so he too could feel good and be a role model for others in their community.


One of our young victims, who was quite directionless at the time of the assault, was given the chance to attend a three week Outward Bound course at minimal cost to the family. His life has changed dramatically as a result of this amazing opportunity. The young man’s mother reports that he has “returned full of energy, motivation and a new lease of life” and is incredibly grateful to the “wonderful people who sponsored such an awesome experience”.